What Will Mack Brown’s Fate Be?

As University of Texas head coach Mack Brown awaits his fate, the growing list of potential candidates to take his job continues to lengthen and reach levels of heightened lunacy. We’ve heard the names of Nick Saban, David Shaw, Knute Rockne, Vince Lombardi. Jim Harbaugh’s name is somehow in the mix because he has yet to sign an extension from the 49ers that was offered to him at the start of the season.


Who will coach at the University of Texas?

Harbaugh publicly stated that the only job he’ll talk about is the one he currently has. That statement further provided fresh grist for the rumor mill. Harbaugh is coaching a team that has the talent to compete for Super Bowls. While Texas is a coveted gig, with a potential to earn gobs of green in a fertile recruiting ground, Harbaugh would ┬áseem, as least to me, moving backwards even if he considered this job. Harbaugh is hungry to win the pinnacle of the sport, the Super Bowl and has the resources to do it with a strong supporter in Jed York.

Yes, Harbaugh must cede personnel matters to Trent Balke, but that’s not enough motivation to drive him to Texas. We aren’t talking about Steve Spurrier, Nick Saban or Bobby Petrino. Guys ill-suited for the NFL and hungry to get back into the college game. The 49ers are moving into a brand new stadium in Santa Clara next season, ushering in another chapter of this Harbaugh regime. He doesn’t even have to move away from where he grew up. He’s stayed in the same spot with his family even when he coached at Stanford. Harbaugh rejected USC already. He’s staying in San Francisco. Now Knute Rockne on the other hand..